Bridge Lessons 2018-2019

Leader: Gerry Simoneau

Gerry will be giving lessons every Wednesday and Friday from 10:00 am til Noon beginning January 16 and ending February 15.

These lessons are perfect for people with virtually no experience playing bridge as well as for those who have played sporadically or are returning to the game after a long absence.

Leaders: Anne Bergman and Sharon Odle

These sessions are designed for newer players looking for a chance to learn, and to play, all at the same time. The atmosphere is fun and supportive. You can ask questions of your mentors during both bidding and play:
– What do you think I should have bid?
– We made 6! How do we find our slam?
– How long should I hold up my Ace? I held up, but then I never got to play it?
– How many points do I need to change suits after opponents interfere?

Play & Learn games will be held every Tuesday starting January 8 through April from 10:30 to Noon. Come with or without a partner.

Leaders: Leslie Brodsky, and Vito Perillo

These sessions are designed for the advancing player with a solid grounding in the basics of bidding, defense and declarer play. More rigorous in its objectives, Supervised Play allows good players to learn new bidding and playing skills in an enjoyable and stress-free environment.