About Our Duplicate Bridge Games

DSCF3944180320-EditThe Club is located in a quiet, comfortable, bright and commodious space:  The Members’ Sala on the 2nd floor of the Lions Club.  The Lions Club is located at Francisco I. Madero #280 between Calle Constitucion and Ignacio L. Vallarta, Puerto Vallarta in Colonia Emiliano Zapata. You will find detailed directions at the bottom of this page.

Open games are scheduled on Tuesdays and Fridays from November through April at 1:30. Entry fee is 100 pesos ($5 USD, $6.50 CDN). Doors open 1 hour before game time. 199er games are scheduled Wednesdays January 9 through March at 1:30. At this game no player may have more than 200 masterpoints and no partner is required. All our games are stratified. Game results and Masterpoint lists are available at the Club and on the Website. Click on the Game Results link soon after each game.

Due to the seasonality of a resort destination the club is always closed between May and October.

You do not need to be a member of the ACBL to play with us; and we charge members and non-members the same playing fee.

We do not require reservations but we do not guarantee a partner. However, if you call (322-222-8987) or e-mail (seggerman@gmail.com) ahead to let us know you are coming, we will do everything we can to pair you up with a suitable partner.

Lunch will not be served, but there will be plenty of snacks as well as tea, coffee and purified water.  Additionally, beer, soda and red and white wine are available for a small charge.

We have an exciting line-up of activities for new and aspiring players:
1. We are offering lessons for beginning players and for those who haven’t played bridge for awhile and want to bone up.
2. There will be Play & Learn games for newer players to practice their bidding and play.
3. We will also be offering Supervised Play for Advanced players who want to significantly improve their game.
Please see our sections on Bridge Lessons and Game Calendar on the right-hand menu bar for more information.

Detailed Directions coming from the Hotel Zone:

Come in to Old Town Vallarta via Av. Vallarta.  You will go over a bridge that spans the Rio Cuale.  River Cafe is on the left in the middle of the Isla Cuale.  Francisco I Madero is the third left once you exit the bridge.  If walking or taking the bus, you will go left onto Madero; the Lions Club is on the right in the middle of the block before you come to Constitucion.  It is a very large, white, ugly building.  There are three doors to the Lions Club.  Ours is the westernmost door, or the closest door to Avenida Vallarta.  On game days there will be an ACBL sign on either side of the door.  If you are driving, you will need to pass Francisco I. Madero as the street is one-way heading West.  Take your fourth left after the bridge onto Lazaro Cardenas, find a spot to park and walk around the block to the Lions Club.  There is not usually parking available in front of the Club.  If taking a cab, tell the driver “Club de Leones, por favor.  Es en Calle Franscico Madero entre Avenida Vallarta y Constitucion.”  Coming via taxi, the club will be on your left, not your right.


Come Join our Virtual Games

We have pooled with the Lake Chapala Bridge Club and now have games 5 times a week. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 1:15 Central time. Mary Seggerman directs the Monday and Friday games and the 3 Chapala Virtual Directors direct the other 3 games. If you are interested in joining an earlier game (10:30) please let Mary know: seggerman@gmail.com and maybe we can fit it in.

We are very sorry to say that unless a vaccine becomes widely available, we don’t anticipate re-opening the club until next November. But we sure would like to see you at the virtual table and have a little chat.

We are able to accommodate a limited number of guest players if you want to play with a friend from another club. Also. if you need any help getting set up on BBO or if you have any questions, just email Mary.

Event Name Friday Aft Session November 1, 2019
Scores after 28 boards  Average:   84.0      Section A  North-South
Pair    Pct   Score  Rank
1   43.75   73.50       Jeffrey Krasner – David Salak
2   52.98   89.00   2   Edwin Glickman – William Woodfine
3   49.11   82.50   3   Jake Jacobson – Leslie Brodsky
4   43.15   72.50       Debbie Maldon – Steve Maldon
5   69.35  116.50   1   Linda Lake – Maxine Webb
6   44.94   75.50       Myrlen Ann Knafalec – William Burns
7   46.73   78.50       Carmel Kettlewell – John Kettlewell

Event Name Friday Aft Session November 1, 2019
Scores after 28 boards  Average:   84.0      Section A  East-West
Pair    Pct   Score  Rank
1   43.45   73.00       Kathy George – Norman Webb
2   43.75   73.50       Paul Kuhlman – Ivan Sherman
3   55.36   93.00   1   Bette Suzuiki – Wesley Suzuiki
4   52.98   89.00   3   Kerin Zohrab – John Zohrab
5   47.92   80.50       Jan Larson – Doug Larson
6   51.79   87.00       Mary Seggerman – Jack Paulus
7   54.76   92.00   2   Vito Petrillo – Jay Odice