Club Procedures

Please arrive 15 minutes before game time.  We start promptly.  If a pair or individual coming late causes significant changes to the movement, they may not be allowed to play.

When you arrive, please pay your entry fee at the reception, where you will receive your table assignment.

Duplicate bridge is a timed event. For all open games, a maximum of one late play is allowed per pair; subsequent late plays become two-match-point penalties. Do not start a hand after the round has been called. If a table does so, both pairs will be given an average minus score on that board.

Speed up your game by making the lead before recording the contract on your private score sheet.

If you are not finished playing when the round is called, please pass a board to the next table so they don’t have to ask for one.

Cell phones must be turned off during the game. Working players may turn their cell-phones on vibrate and leave the playing area to return the call at an appropriate time At no time may a call be answered at the table.

There is no smoking inside the building.

We have a Zero Tolerance Policy (please see poster on the wall). All players must always be kind to one another, and all partners must respect one another. We will penalize any player who berates his/her partner at the table, or who raises his/her voice or who behaves badly in any way. Bridge is a social game, so please be considerate of your fellow players.