About Masterpoints and Stratification

If you are an ACBL member, your Masterpoints are submitted to ACBL at the end of each month. You qualify for Masterpoints each time you place in the top 40% of your strat.

All games are stratified. This means that we create sub-groups of players that have fewer Masterpoints than the group as a whole. For example, a game might have three strats. Strat A is always the entire field. Strat B might be all pairs in which at least one player has less than 500 Masterpoints, and Strat C might be all pairs with both players having fewer than 100 Masterpoints. So, a pair with both players having fewer than 100 Masterpoints competes in all three strata. A pair with neither partner having over 500 points and one or both having over 100 points, competes in Strat B as well as Strat A.

Exact limits for strats vary depending on attendance. Common limits for open games are Open/500/200, Open/750/300 or Open/1000/500. For limited Masterpoint games, the strats might be 500/200/100.

If your rank or status changes during the year, congratulations! Please let us know so we can share your good news and update our database.